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This new Old House reflects an intense devotion to authenticity, craftsmanship and narrative. Rocky Shores is a shingle style home situated on a bluff overlooking a stunning lake in Wisconsin. Its intimate scale and assimilation with the land enhances the natural surroundings and connection to the lake below. The regional stone selection is an homage to an exhausted historic stone quarry only steps away on the lake shore. The landscape design continues on this concept with rustic stone textures and outcroppings integrating the home design, outdoor spaces, and lake access. Salvaged stone, removed from the family’s cottage, from this site over a generation ago, is integrated into the fireplace designs. Copper light monitors allow light to stream into the lower level of the home, maximizing living space. The elegant roof is a sustainable faux slate and copper, detailed with graceful outriggers and copper downspouts. The refined interior draws in the lake views, creating intimate and calming spaces. A genuine sanctuary.

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